Arnaud L.

Arnaud’s teachers didn’t believe he would make something of himself, which made him decide to show everyone what he was capable of.
Ok, there might have been that slight interlude on the way when he tried football but he quickly decided it wasn’t going to work (cruciate ligaments, you know).

Having come back down in earth, he left his beloved home city Toulouse, and set out for Paris to embark on the hectic adventure found in the world of communication. He tottered from one major agency to another, from one big project to another, from one crazy anecdote to another, and just for pleasure, I’ll tell you that he fell in love with Michelle Laroque when he bumped into her in his office (I won’t tell you more than that, no one wants to Knox).

Basically, all that led to us knowing him as Arnaud, project manager at Rébellion, best friend to his Shiba, and expert in cooking Ravitoto (If you don’t know what it is, ask him, he’d love to cook it for you).

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