It’s a story told
between Paris
and Marseille.

The story begins at a mutual friend’s wedding, where Nicolas and David first met. Together, they decided to found Rébellion. Alexandre joined to take care of production, and Gaylord to drive creation. And then, everything started to accelerate.

Consulting, creation and production: with these skills, Rébellion was ready for everything. So, that’s what they did! Today there are more than fifty of us in the agency, including Marguerite, Claire, Steven, Anaïs, Gonzague, and Lucie.  Just some of the wonderful people you’ll meet here.

loves a fight

Because, we want to push the envelope, to surprise and excite people.

Because, if you’re going to interrupt people, you better have great stories to tell them.

Seeking a balance between rebellion and tenderness, we find the perfect harmony between strategy, creativity, technology and production to create value through emotions.

Today, the agency is recognized as one of the most creative of its generation, and not without reason (even Stratégies magazine says so).

We shake up brands, just as we shake up thinking. We challenge conventions, we support brands in their development, while showing them new ways of operating, and new ways of speaking.

We fight for bold ideas that allow brands to express themselves, to truly stand out.

We always say what we think. So, yes we dare, that’s even how we’re recognized. But in the end, you always have the final say, because we know that no one knows your brand better than you. (You see, we still have a tender heart.)

CHCS: that mightn’t mean anything
But it’s what we’re about.
We aren’t machines. Emotions are important to us, so let's pay attention to them.
It means supporting each project from start to finish with tenderness and determination.
It's the basics, but it doesn't hurt to remember it. It's a state of mind that permeates the whole agency.
It means turning your head a little, looking at things from a different angle, and saying, “Or, maybe, how about….”. And, thereby find a solution to every problem.
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