Our campaigns are diverse and varied. But they all share at least one quality: that of daring.

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Decathlon Pulse Case Decathlon Pulse Case ↗ A campaign that will blow you away. Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, the acute jettomania ↗ An ode to self-love Tinder - Reveal yourself ↗ Petit Bateau - Water Family Children take the plunge Petit Bateau & Water Family - The watercourse ↗ The South is a live show Les Théâtres - Oh Oui ! ↗ Rebellion gives its definitions of rebellion. Rébellion Recruitment Campaign ↗ Me, Little President of Nature The truth comes from children's minds (especially in politics). ↗ Time to take the plunge Waterair, It all starts with the right choice ↗ Creative passion, collective work LVMH - The Story Behind ME ↗ Again and again ! Samia - Encore un chouïa ↗ Introducing the new Toyota Aygo X trough a 100% European made docutainment. Toyota Aygo X - World Premiere ↗ How is Gen Z sparking a flame ? No Tinder, no flame #fffufffu ↗ A throwaway campaign Vinci Autoroutes Fondation ↗ No need to run to get a head start Decathlon, Pulse SS23 ↗ The first world launch outside car shows. Toyota, Why stop ? ↗ A campaign by creatives, for creatives ISKN, Inspire yourself ↗ A video series that prompts a desire to go away somewhere right there and then. Club Med, Amazing weeks ↗ A campaign that shows bar staff’s hidden side. Picon, Meeting those serving drinks. ↗ For once a robot brings humans together Magimix ↗ Festive campaigns Captain Morgan, Captain's spirit ↗ Culture is like chocolate, we've really missed it during this unexpected diet. Les Théâtres S21-22, Ensemble ! (Together!) ↗ Just because it's a serious issue, it doesn't have to be ugly e-Enfance, Ensemble agissons pour un monde numérique responsable (Let's act together for a responsible digital world.) ↗ Because it smells like spring... Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Out of the bottle ↗ Ulys makes motorways fun Ulys, social media strategy ↗ Presentation of the new Aygo X prologue design Toyota Aygo X prologue ↗ Apperton-identité-graphique An identity with a high standards Apperton ↗ Lightinderm-Regenerative-skin-care A launch that gives a glimpse of the future Lightinderm, Regenerative skin care ↗ IRP-AUTO-Objectif-courtoisie What if you smiled at your car mechanic for once? IRP AUTO, Mission politeness ↗ Les-Théâtres-campagne-Vivre A new season that advocates love for live performance Les Théâtres, Live ! ↗ LFDE-campagne-identité-graphique Une balade vers une finance plus responsable La Financière de l’Échiquier, Un pied devant l'autre ↗ Les-Échos-Planète-campagne-Du-côté-des-solutions A campaign to shine light on our environmental impact Les Echos Planète, From solutions ↗ Les-Echos-Start-Cultiver-les-possibles What if we delved into the daily life of young people wondering about things? Les Echos Start, Cultivate what’s possible ↗ Facebook-campagne-Ensemble-à-la-maison An operation to bring connections closer together while in lockdown Facebook, Together at home ↗ Toyota-Yaris-Cross-All-urban-all-SUV Unheard of: A fully digital launch in a unprecedented context Toyota Yaris Cross, All urban all SUV ↗ LVMH-campagne-Summer-Secrets The Houses reveal themselves through an IGTV series LVMH, Summer Secrets ↗ Moët&Chandon-Des-instants-inoubliables A campaign where time stands still Moët & Chandon, Make each moment unforgettable ↗ Le-Figaro-campagne-Affûtez-vos-arguments A campaign that changes a point of view Le Figaro, Sharpen your arguments ↗ LVMH-campagne-Timeless A series that reveals the origin of Luxury Houses’ icons LVMH, Timeless ↗ PetitBateau-Campagne-MeliMesMots A spontaneous campaign that shows the collections’ quality Petit Bateau, #MéliMesMots ↗ Launching a brand that looks after its community Ritm, a new gym ↗ A campaign to show one’s personality Haig Club Clubman, Everyone has their own style ↗ Campaigns for letting go Baileys, The Taste of Indulgence ↗ The Art of Living à la Française at the French Open Moët Hennessy, French elegance ↗ Zany campaigns Somfy, Everyone has their technique ↗ A colourful and bright campaign Clos 19 ↗ Chat with the greatest Creative Directors from Luxury Fashion Houses LVMH, News from home ↗
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