An identity with a high standards



Pioneer of externalised sterilisation, the Sterience-Vanguard group has created partnerships with more than sixty health establishments, both public and private. Sterience and Vanguard wish to take a new step by closing ranks through creating a new brand. What strategy should they adopt to better confirm themselves as European leader ?



Creation of a brand with high standards.

The agency came up with Apperton, a brand that wants to contribute to the smooth operation of the health sector, with the ambition of making the day-to-day of an increasingly-complex medical world easier… In order to give substance to this new brand, the agency created and rolled out a new identity. This embodies a promise of quality, safety and reliability. At each level, from the creation of a site to its operation, experts push standards to the highest level. This intention is found in the blue acronym that punctuates the name.




  • Name
  • Logotype
  • Graphic territory
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