Campaigns for letting go


How can you let go and get out of an everyday rhythm that is stifling on occasion? That’s the challenge of this Bailey’s campaign, which highlights simple pleasures combining tasting and indulgence.






The Taste of Indulgence

To embody freedom and treating one’s self, Baileys chose Rébellion. The agency designed three social media campaigns for the famous Irish whisky and creme liqueur.

First of all, “The Taste of Indulgence” campaign gave us tasting moments for permission to take a delicious and calming break in a busy day.

As for “The Moments of Indulgence”, they show moments of enjoying Bailey’s, through cocktails, that can be enjoyed according to the season and during different highlights of the year.

And to finish off, the final campaign “Irresistible Bailey’s” made consumers want to enjoy the brand through delectable images that showed off its creamy texture.



  • Strategy
  • 3 social media campaigns
  • Recipe videos
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