Rebellion gives its definitions of rebellion.


Rebellion is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. Today, Rébellion has close to 50 talents for 20 active clients and has the ambition to double these numbers within the next 2 years. This is a great opportunity for the agency and its associates to take a good look back and prepare for the next 5 years.


A recruitment campaign that changes recruitment campaigns: Definitions of rebellion by rébellion. 
To get an interview? Send them a good definition of rebellion.


The streets of Paris and Marseille are dressed in a campaign that presents our definitions of rebellion and invites everyone to share theirs on Instagram, an original way to recruit talent by putting a state of mind before pure skills.

To support this campaign, 3 films are also revealed. Each one interprets one of the messages present on the poster campaign. These contemplative vignettes were produced internally. The collaborators, from the creative team to the production team, worked hand in hand.

“Rebellion is often the starting point for progress. In today’s fast-paced world, we want to bring together new talents and change agents to help brands move in the right direction. Aude Legré, Director of Strategy and Partner.

“Our business has not evolved as fast as our times. A table soccer in the open space has not been enough for a long time, new agencies have to imagine a new ground for creation by adapting to new needs, for the benefit of teams, ideas and brands. And then, making an ad that sells nothing is fine.” Gaylord Brossard, Creative Director and Partner.

Thanks to this campaign, the agency intends to recruit talent to strengthen each of its divisions: strategy, consulting, creation and production. “Today, there is a real recruitment challenge in the advertising sector. Our business is no longer as attractive as it used to be. Rébellion’s ambition is, on our own small scale, to restore this desire. We also want to show that having very different profiles facilitates creativity. These are the profiles that will allow us to bring out the brands we support. David Ait Ali, co-founder.

“Our HR policy since the creation of the agency has been to be several steps ahead in order to welcome new clients with available teams and not to cut back on the quality of life of each person to achieve this. Today, we need to accelerate this intelligently by proposing a state of mind in line with the expectations of the talents that make up our team.” Nicolas Boccaccio, co-founder.


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