Just because it's a serious issue, it doesn't have to be ugly


The online world is full of dangers for young people. One child in ten is said to be subject to cyber-bullying. To strengthen their reputation and become a leader in this field, e-Enfance and net Ecoute have decided to join forces. How to gain status and visibility?


« Pour un monde numérique responsable » (For a responsible digital world.)


Fighting against the dangers of the Internet is everyone’s business: parents, children and professionals. Only together can we succeed in ensuring the safety of our children.

This new signature invites everyone to be aware of the risks and to play their part in a more responsible society.

This desire to come together and act is also embodied in a new visual identity. The two E’s symbolise the links in a chain. Together they are stronger in the face of threats. The identity uses bright colours to have the widest possible appeal, particularly on social networks.

These changes also coincide with the launch of 3018, the new national phone number for young victims of digital violence and support for digital parenting.




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