A campaign to show one’s personality


The agency supported Haig Club Clubman in expressing its position in France by defining its brand signature: “Everyone has their own style”. The campaign designed for it brought it to life. It encourages each individual to proudly show their personality, particularly through a selection of cocktails.


Everyone has their own style,

A campaign to show one’s personality.

Therefore 3 “styles” were therefore thought of and highlighted in this campaign. Are you more Lemon, Peach or Fashion? Even if the style changes, Haig Club Clubman whisky stays at the core of the experience.

The campaign highlights the very unique bottle, with a streamlined design, stepping away from the traditional market codes.



  • 3 OOH and DOOH
  • 10 “Mixology” and “Experience” stories
  • 5 beauty shots
  • Social media
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