A campaign to shine light on our environmental impact



The environment has become a hot topic literally as well as figuratively. It brings out an increasing need for quality information on the subject. Les Echos and Rolex got together to create a new media channel “Les Echos Planète” which is aimed at those who are ready to make a commitment to protecting the planet. How can awareness of this new media channel be created and make and make readers want to contribute to it?


From solutions,

A hard-hitting campaign that encourages reaction.

An impact-creating manifesto first assesses the planet’s state of urgency then presents the situation from a new angle: that of solutions.

Les Echos Planète sets of a wind of hope and embodies a positive energy for change. Solutions exist to take the path towards a greener economy.

The revelation video gives us an oversight of the current situation thanks to a wide look at the planet that brings us back to reality thanks to focusing on landscapes.




  • Strategy
  • Global campaign
  • 1 film in 3 formats
  • 3 press advertisements
  • 14 adaptations
  • 10 “contributors” video capsules


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