What if we delved into the daily life of young people wondering about things?



Started 5 years ago by the Les Echos financial daily newspaper, to support young graduates who are working, Les Echos START is rethinking its editorial line today around living in society and undertaking to be more in synch with the current context. How can the developments of this media be shown?


“Cultivate what’s possible”

A campaign that plunges us into the daily life of a new generation.

A manifesto film plunges us into the daily life of a generation full of questions and sometimes doubts: “How do you find your place when we’re always being told there’s not enough space for everyone?” “Everyone says you should learn from your mistakes, so why am I so scared to do that?” 


A host of questions Les Echos START endeavours to answer through interpreting, investigations, advice and portraits that guide and inspire young graduates to find a better balance in tomorrow’s society. The new “Cultiver les possibles” (Cultivate what’s possible) signature invites them to surpass themselves.


The campaign can also be seen through fly-posters. In parallel, a series of content has been designed to feed the Les Echos START platforms. Data, questions, interviews… all ways of speaking up have been designed to inform, guide and gather together a committed and ambitious community constantly looking for meaning.




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