A new season that advocates love for live performance



The crisis has not been kind to the cultural sector, and one of the major challenges is to make people want to go to the theatre. During this time, how can Les Théâtres, a group of 4 theatres in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, announce the new season in an upbeat way ?


Live !

A colourful campaign for the 20-21 season.

Again this year we have wanted to have people (re)discover live performances and put the emotions experienced at the centre of communication.


The identity expresses the programming’s joy, wealth, and diversity. The main image mixes the colours of each theatre to form a heart. Together, Les Théâtres convey their love for the stage to us. They invite us to celebrate life and to “subscribe to each other”. In addition to the campaign announcing the 20-21 season, a series of posters presents the theatres’ services in a light way. Each states what to do there and who to do it with. With a confident tone, strong typography, sunny colours and upbeat illustrations confirm the generosity of Les Théâtres.


In light of the health context the announcement of the new season’s launch was digital for the first time. After many weeks of teasing, a video from the Les Théâtres Director, themed videos, as well as videos filmed at artists’ homes were shown on launch day.




  • Strategy
  • Global campaign
  • Subscription campaign
  • Services posters
  • 6 themed videos
  • 15 artists’ videos
  • Digital poster campaign
  • 180 page-brochure
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