Chat with the greatest Creative Directors from Luxury Fashion Houses


The Covid19 crisis has led us to reorientate our focus and question how we live, work, interact. At such an unusual time more favourable to keeping our distance from each other, how can LVMH maintain a good connection with its community ?


News From Home,

A brand-new series to watch on IGTV on LVMH’s Instagram account.

The luxury industry is a creative industry where more than anything – beyond the showy aspect of luxury and even more so with new generations of consumers – consumers are looking for houses and creative products designed by creative people.


We recommended that LVMH, French-style luxury par excellence, showcase the creativity of its Fashion Houses’ creative directors by having a look at their creative processes while in lockdown.


We therefore created News From Home, a brand-new IGTV series on LVMH’s Instagram account: 10 meetings by phone with the Creative Directors of Fendi, Loewe, Kenzo, Guerlain, Patou, Dior and other Fashion Houses who allowed us to come into their world.


For the graphic aspect, using black and white enabled the discussions with the talents from the various Houses to be streamlined. This was also a way to highlight how genuine these conversations were, which were spontaneous and very sincere moments.


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