A series that reveals the origin of Luxury Houses’ icons Challenge



At a time when our lifestyles have been questioned and our relationship with time has been turned upside down, the LVMH Group wanted to go over the concept of timelessness with a fine toothcomb. How can a few of these houses’ icons be given pride of place?



A series that reveals the origins of LVMH icons.

In this new IGTV series, with the contribution of an illustrator, the Group sketched the outlines of the founding myths of some of its Houses’ designs and artisan techniques, which by crossing the ages, trends and fashions, have succeeded in taking root in the imagination of each of us to become cultural markers.


In a fun way, the way the Timeless episodes are constructed gradually reveals the symbol, product or technique that the spectator has to guess as clues are given. Mixing illustrations, photos, text, music and animation, this series offers a poetic experience where colours have taste, memories have a smell, words have music…



  • 10 episodes
  • Relayed on social media
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