For once a robot brings humans together


For several years now, Magimix has had one objective: to design products of unparalleled quality in terms of kitchen equipment. Until now, its products have been at the heart of its communication. Now it’s time for the brand to take a step back and express its vision of the kitchen.



“Cuisiner c’est rassembler” (Cooking brings us together) 

A campaign that brings people together in the kitchen.


In a world full of uncertainties where it is more important than ever to rely on each other, Magimix brings people together around the values that the French hold dear: cooking, Made in France products, sustainability and homemade food.

The agency created a TV spot that brings the brand’s vision to life: « Cuisiner c’est rassembler » (Cooking brings us together). The kitchen and the family are at the heart of an emotional film. We discover how small gestures can reassure, encourage and offer a moment of togetherness. Everyone can identify with three scenes from everyday life: the father and his daughter at breakfast, the young couple expecting their first child over risotto, and the reunion of a grandmother with her daughter and grandchildren. Reunions that mean so much at the moment.


  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Brand content
  • TV campaign
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