The Art of Living à la Française at the French Open


Moët-Hennessy has been at the French Open for several years without being able to communicate about the event due to the restrictions imposed by the French Evin law on alcohol advertising. How can the brand enjoy the fortnight to showcase its Houses and develop its Corporate image by only using its budding Instagram account ?


French elegance,

Instagram as a new playground.

The French open blends luxury, experience and art of living à la Française. We took this opportunity to promote Moët Hennessy to an international audience.


The agency imagined a series of live content, mainly broadcast as Instagram stories, around the concept of Elegance à la Française. Previously unseen images of the event were shown, the mythical Evening in White, the collaboration with Léa Maupetit creating a bespoke fresco… The operation positioned Moët Hennessy has a modern house, dynamic, guarantor of luxury.



  • Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Event
  • Scenography
  • 160 content features created
  • Brand content
  • Collaboration with Lea Maupetit
  • 3 activations


Organic growth on Instagram
+ 6,5%
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