An ode to self-love


Tinder is the exclusive advertising sponsor of all Drag Race France episodes, a first for France. This is an opportunity for the leading dating app to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.


“Reveal yourself”
A campaign which invites you to be yourself.

Through this new campaign, the global leader in dating apps celebrates the right to be yourself. “Despite an increased focus on inclusivity on the Gen Z side, their dating is still very much standardized. Studies show that although 18-25 year olds are more likely to question “sexual conformity”, they, like their older peers, tend to smooth out their rough edges and differences during the first interactions with their match, for fear of rejection” Emilie Gautier-Gander, Strategy and Trends Consultant at Rebellion. That’s why Tinder celebrates diversity, inclusion but also and above all uniqueness in this new campaign. The campaign is an ode to self-love to show more and more openness to the world.

The film lightly evokes the pleasure one can feel when revealing one’s true personality, especially on a first date. Because it is by assuming one’s originality that it is possible to make sparks fly: one must then dare to stand out and above all never be afraid of doing too much.

“It’s not me who does too much, it’s you who doesn’t do enough! The message of the campaign is clear, we challenge the dusty social norms by advocating self-expression. And we couldn’t deal with the subject of extravagance by coming out with a campaign that doesn’t get a little attention. So we put in scene Mathiouz, with the assumed queer personality, in what we almost all have difficulty to do in front of a mirror: not to think of the glance of the others. A life scene taking place in the Snowbunny thrift store, a mecca for fantasy of all kinds and a must-see address for GenZ and the LGBTQIA+ community,” says Gaylord Brossard, Creative Director at Rébellion.



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