Launching a brand that looks after its community


Gyms are not just for those serious about exercise, but are opening more and more to beginners looking for personal well-being. That’s why Form Dévelopement wanted to develop its “Healthcity” gyms offer. The aim was to create living spaces with a highly personalised approach. How can this new innovative and premium social exercise experience be brought to life?



Launching a brand that looks after its community.

As soon as you see the name, you understand that this new offer is going to adapt to each individual’s rhythm thanks to a personalised, down-to-earth and complete service. The name also echoes the sports’ world, but not only: you talk about the rhythm of the heart, music, training… Everything has been thought of to give a lively and motivating experience.

The visual identity expresses the idea of the body in movement. The streamlined universe recalls that it’s more a space of living and well-being than a space dedicated to effort and surpassing yourself.



  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Signage 


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