Again and again !


After working on its brand positioning, Samia wishes to assert its personality ” immersed in a dual culture and resolutely modern “.
Thanks to a new communication strategy, the brand intends to confirm its leadership and seduce the hearts of new consumers.



Encore un chouïa
Cuisine with a good serving of culture

To win over a new generation, it is necessary to pay tribute to it. To embody this new posture, the agency came up with a new signature “Encore un chouïa” (a popular expression that reminds us how generous and tasty Maghrebian cuisine is), and defined the new editorial line and the new territory of expression. Each speech is designed to be warmer, more inspiring and closer to the brand’s community. Advice, coaching proposals, promotion of a very rich culture, everything is designed to please her. Choosing Samia is to create a link between tradition and modernity.
On the occasion of Ramadan, Samia and the agency are once again honouring its community by putting it at the heart of its communication. In addition to celebrating this sacred month, the campaign invites its consumers to share their memories and anecdotes related to Ramadan. A QR code, visible in print, invites the community to the brand’s Instagram page. It is where these moments will be highlighted, but not only…
For a month, the account will also be updated every day with competitions, inspirations, recipes and decoration tips. The aim is to bring the community together around moments that bring people together.



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