How is Gen Z sparking a flame ?


The world’s leading dating app wanted to make sure it’s part of the
conversation with Generation Z, which makes up more than 50% of its members.


« No Tinder, no flame »


To  celebrate this  generation  which  is  demanding  more honesty in  its relationships, Rebellion came up with 3 ads using humour to show how difficult it is to go for it when you like someone, and the opportunity Tinder represents for breaking the ice. These young people try to create a spark to get a flame going (hence the hashtag #fffufffu as they blow). 

This campaign was launched while the French Koh Lanta survival show was being shown (the show was mentioned in Tinder bios as much as the lockdown in 2020, and 5 times more than in 2019!). 


  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • TV campaign
  • Social media
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