Ulys makes motorways fun


Ulys is a product offered by Vinci Autoroutes that makes it possible to navigate the motorways of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal with ease, while accessing a large number of advantages. This e-toll badge and full range of associated services position the brand as a travel facilitator.

How do we promote all these advantages on social networks?



A humorous campaign to publicise all the services

While communications for this type of product are often simple and highly conventional, we wanted to stand out from the crowd for once. This desire was reinforced when we saw the extent to which there was a strong gap between this innovation and archaic toll infrastructures.

An editorial line that uses humour and teasing now informs all our statements. We imagined a new, totally offbeat campaign to highlight the services offered by the brand. Ulys now appears as the perfect solution when it comes to tolls! We have developed a social media campaign with a series of fun content to make car journeys a little more enjoyable.

Visit their Instagram to explore the series of posts: @ulys_byvinciautoroutes



  • Strategy
  • Brand graphic territory
  • Social campaign


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