A campaign that will blow you away.


Roadside litter is a real problem. And this phenomenon is only getting worse as people leave on vacation. For the second year in a row, the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation has devised a campaign to combat littering on France’s roads, with more than one in four drivers throwing garbage out of their car window and 25 tonnes of litter being collected every day along the freeways.


« The acute jettomania »
The trash can, a simple remedy for jettomania.

In 2021, the existence of a strange disease was revealed to the world: jettomania. A disease for which there is a simple remedy: the garbage can. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the existence of this remedy, and this is the observation that the 2022 campaign depicts with humor. Its objective is to appeal to the general public and to encourage each citizen to adopt a more responsible behavior.



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