Time to take the plunge


The leader in swimming pool kits, Waterair, would like to celebrate its 50th anniversary by reminding us how perfect its customised offer is for having a great time.


“It all starts with the right choice”
A saga that plunges us into the very difficult choices of everyday life…


Life forces us to make decisions. Investing in a swimming pool is particularly challenging, especially when you have to build it yourself… so better not to make a mistake.

This is why the agency has imagined a saga that reminds us that every moment in life must start “with the right choice” through 4 episodes that contrast small everyday choices, without much consequence (isn’t it?). Good or bad, the important choice of investing in a swimming pool. Amongst scenes from everyday life, some of them funny, are exposed all the good reasons to choose Waterair.



  • Strategy
  • Advertising campaign
  • TV & digital
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