We do give a sh*t, because every project matters.

Within the team, from the associates to the interns, with the clients, with the freelancers and with the external partners, we do our best to put some softness in this world.

"It's not me saying it!"

It's hard to talk about yourself... (Believe the one who wrote this site). So everyone wrote the bio of someone else.

Lucie Caillaud
Client Manager
[ CDI ] Senior Film Editor / Motion Designer
Émilie Gautier-Gander
Strategy and trends consultant
Alexandre Archenoult
Production Manager
Léandre Kurtzemann
Art director
Aude Legré
Strategic director
Lou Sanchez
Motion designer
Gaylord Brossard
Creative Director
[ Internship ] Communication manager
Cécile Nouvellon
Communication manager & New business
Anaïs Ocler
Motion designer
Elsa Marguerie
Production assistant
Salomé Gourion
Camille Desgrées Du Loû
Strategic Planning Assistant
Nicolas Boccaccio
Laureen Auvinet
Development Manager
Kevin Brochain
Camille Claudet
Clémence Chassignol
Sarah Laurier
Trends and digital strategy consultant
Paul Claverie
Art director
Fanette Bullat
Art director
Thomas Sayarath
[ CDI ] Copywriter - Native english
Olivia Pecqueux
Executive assistant
Claire Bonnet
Client Manager
[ Internship ] Producer
Maude Vuachet
Project manager
Marguerite Lemarquand
Strategic Planner
Léa Miquet
Art director
[ Internship ] Copywriter
Adèle Hurbault
Art director
Anaïs Zuili
Art director
Charlotte Pezé
Motion designer
Sonia Houhou
Project Manager
Ana Espada
Cécilia Mauro
Client manager
David Aït-Ali
Gonzague De Sazilly
Art director
[ Internship ] Motion Designer
Martin Rainaut
Client Manager
Steven Lebreton
Laura Dalex
Art Director
Geoffrey Chevtchenko
Graphic designer
[ CDI ] Creative
[ CDI ] Art Director
Laura Charbit
Art director
Vincent Arassus
Alisson Plachier-Juhel
Project Manager
Arnaud Lefort
Project manager
[ Stage ] Copywriter
Rodolphe Pal
Brand strategy, trends and innovation consultant
[ CDI ] Junior Art Director
Seraneth Ham
Motion designer
[ Internship/Work study program ] Strategic Planner
Margaux Panel
Cloé Cholet
Project Manager
Matt Rouland
Motion designer
Nicolas Ferrer
Romane Benard
Mathilde Chambon
Project Manager
[ CDI ] Editor and Video production lead
[ Internship ] Motion Designer

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