Olivia S.

You don’t need to know Olivia to understand that she is a woman of strong convictions (judging by the names of the agencies she chooses, such as Truant or Rébellion, this is evident).
After 15 years of experience between Paris and London, Olivia moved to the South East, where she is originally from, and joined the Marseille’s offices of Rébellion.
But before being an outstanding Business Director, Olivia is above all a mother involved in great ethical and feminist causes, always in search of transmission and meaning. Whether it’s through reading anti-sexist books to her sons, buying second-hand goods, or making clothes and toys for her children, Olivia knows what she’s talking about! If you have any questions about how to be more responsible and sensible in your daily life, she’s the one to ask (and if it can be over a pint after work, that’s even better of course – let’s not forget that she just spent 10 years in England).
To sum up, Olivia is a bit like our mama bear: a powerful, confident, impressive, protective and caring woman. And yeah, all that at the same time.

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