Alisson P.
Par Salomé.

Alisson is the favorite project manager of your favorite project managers.
In a past life, she got lost in the meanders of law, for two long years. She found her way back to ISCOM, where she went from internship to internship: from Ponk to Josiane, Alisson fell in love with the agency world. It was at TBWA that she began her crazy career, first as an intern and then on a permanent contract.
After more than three years of loyal services, Alisson put on her down jacket and her Moon Boots and left to discover Montreal, where she lived for a year. It was at the Cartier agency – yes, like the brand but, no, it’s not the brand – that Alisson led her Canadian expedition. She spent a year perfecting her “câlisse” and “tabarnak” before returning to Paris to join the Rebellion.
It is impossible to introduce Alisson without devoting a minute of astrology time to her.
As solar as her sign, she is an accomplished Sagittarius. Jovial, spontaneous and very curious, she always sees the glass as half full. Avoid, however, being very angry around her: Alisson is very angry at very angry people.
In short, as organized as she is passionate, Alisson is the most willing leader for all projects!

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