Ana E.
Par Romane.

Between her travels in Portugal and all over Europe, Ana, a native of Lisbon, started her accounting career in Paris. After all, it’s a family thing, almost everyone in her family is an accountant. She doesn’t even like mathematics. After working at the famous competitors, Burger King and McDonald’s, she decided to join the ranks of Rebellion while preparing her Bachelor’s degree at the ENGDE. Since 1 year, when she is not working, she practices English boxing, to use her fists. She has found the right compromise to take upon herself and close her mouth. That’s her own words. Passionate, she learned English to be able to discuss without problems with her former idol, Justin Bieber. It seems that she is still waiting to meet him… If someone has his number, please note that she is still interested. If you want to have a drink with Ana, you’ll find her at the bar downstairs, but not further.

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