Annelise T.

Annelise, all tied up please! It suits her well because we also get attached very quickly to Annelise.
Born in Bordeaux but Parisian by adoption. Even if Annelise survives the ordeal of the line 13 in the morning, as soon as she has the opportunity, she goes on weekends or trips. She knows Latin America well, she has even lived in Pablo Escobar’s compound in Bogotá. Otherwise, Annelise has a passion for food. In the kitchen or with her feet under the table, it’s her stomach that feeds her right brain. Don’t hesitate to ask her for her latest recipe or tips on restaurants to try in Paris!
Let’s talk about work. Annelise started out with a degree in sociology before turning to advertising. Before rebelling as an account manager, she passed through several Parisian agencies where she had the opportunity to work on various accounts: from St Michel to Engie through Ricard, Reckitt, Suez, Amundi, … In short, no sector scares her, all that counts for her is the passion of the job, creativity and good humor!

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