Camille M.

This native of Marseille is as radiant as the southern sun, and her move to Paris 6 years ago will not make her lose her good mood! 
A great traveler, Camille travels the world. 
From Indonesia to Vietnam, from Portugal to India, from Mexico to Italy, her travels have developed her curiosity but also her love for cooking. 
Camille is a party girl, and she likes to party with music. As a pianist and concert fan, she goes to festivals and stadiums (not forgetting the Velodrome to see Jul, we told you she was from Marseille) to see her favorite bands. 
After 4 years at BETC on accounts such as Ricard, Air France, Peugeot, Bouygues or Aigle, Camille joined Rebellion as an account manager.
Her first act of rebellion? Joining our Parisian agency as a Marseillaise. It’s a promise!

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