Cécilia M.

With Cécilia, it’s always complicated (she says so herself). But above all her story is one of travel. Cécilia is a Frenchwoman who has never lived in France (until now). Growing up in West Africa, from the Ivory Coast to Senegal, following her father’s work as an agronomist, Cécilia continued her schooling in Spain and England. With a master’s degree in tourism and hotel management, what could be more normal than to go on a volunteer trip to Japan only to land in Austria for a job with an agency working on Puma (with no experience in communications)? That’s Cécilia. Next she came to France to work for Rébellion. Passionate about Miyazaki, sports, contemplation and fried duck (before she went vegan), there’s one thing Cécilia never compromises on: high standards. French origin. Roots in Africa. Heart in Japan. Talent at Rébellion.

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