Charlotte B.

Originally from Italy, Charlotte is on the move. From Canada to New Caledonia, passing through Geneva and Bordeaux, she is now stopping in Paris, her native city, for her first experience in an agency as a 360° project manager.
After studying marketing specialized in luxury cosmetics, she switched to a master in strategic planning and brand strategy at Sup’ de Pub.
Very curious, she likes to be in charge of everything and to be at the heart of the system. She joined Rebellion for the love of relationships and to see projects being born and growing.
She eats work, drinks work, and loves to talk about work. But she has a little phobia of numbers, so she leaves the accounting to whoever wants to do it.
If you see her, you’ll probably see her armed with her bottle of Coke Zero (not in a can), because she doesn’t like bubbles.
Oh, and she’s also a big Harry Potter fan.

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