David A.
Par Gaylord.

David is like the blue in a 4-colour pen. Essential and indispensable to Rébellion.
Blue, like the shirts of Marseille football club, his home town team. (We don’t judge anyone for their taste in football clubs, but still). Today, he divides his weeks between Paris and Marseille, but his singsong accent has never left him.
He co-founded Rébellion with Nico in 2016. They were soon joined by Gaylord & Alex.
As head of a production agency for several years following stints with an agency and an advertiser, production and negotiation no longer hold any secrets for him. He knows the Evin law by heart, which is very useful when attacking recos for the spirits market. Also not to be underestimated: he practices first aid in case of choking on seeds.
You’ll recognise him in meetings, he starts all his sentences with ‘fundamentally’.

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