Émilie G.

We’d like to introduce you to Hermione Granger, sorry… Émilie ! Her beautiful messy mane and adoration of Harry Potter made me doubt this person who is part of our strategic team at Rébellion !

Following her education at Hogwarts, she continued her studies in industrial product design at Ensaama School of Art & Design, then brand management at ISCOM. This magical educational background gave her the opportunity to work on international brand accounts for talented agencies and develop a real obsession with understanding the human race (and also to live in Kansa for a year, where she learnt how to cut up squirrels… But let’s not get off track).

This Lyon native not only collect Lego and books, she also loves walks, prime rib of beef (the only thing stopping her from becoming a vegetarian) and above all her dog Leica, who has the making of a best in show champion.

As you’ll have gathered, Émilie is lots of things at once, with more or less common interests, but that’s what makes her someone who surprising, aunts,tic and resourceful.

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