Eva L.

We can’t miss this sunny girl…
Originally from Aix-en-Provence, Eva came back a year ago to live her best life in a fiat 500 after 9 years of travelling. She studied in Montpellier, had her first professional experience in Belfast and then worked in Paris for Rosbeef, Sid Lee and Convoy. She was able to work on big accounts at Zalando, Nike, Salomon, Decathlon, Prime Video, Ubisoft, Good Goût, Oenobiol, RATP… which gradually sharpened her critical mind. But Eva is not only that, this mountain fan hikes a lot, she loves everything that smells good from her native Provence to the point of concocting candles with a whole concept around olfactory reminiscence. And this enthusiastic “lover of life” has joined a brand of eco-designed clothing for women. Fun fact: she is crazy about her cat, whom she considers her first child (Neko, in reference to the Maneki-Neko for those who know it) that she even tattooed on her arm.

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