Germain C.

Germain’s story is one of cycles, which led him from media agency to advertising agency to digital agency, and finally to Rebellion, because he likes to rock and roll. As a proof, he even left advertising to create his own start-up and become a millionaire… A genius idea that he didn’t abandon, he just re-prioritized it…
During these beautiful adventures, he crossed paths with his wife on the benches of La Chose. They arrived the same day and left together, as if in life, signs do exist.
Sometimes he punctuates his sentences with “man” or almost unfamiliar references. This is to remind us that, despite all his years of experience, he is still young in his head.
He’s not afraid of anything, not even of Sebastien Loeb putting a helicopter in a Y during a shoot… and if you want the end of the story, don’t hesitate to send him a message!

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