Kevin B.

Our 29 year old editor from Avignon arrived in Paris 10 years ago with one goal in mind : To conquer the audiovisual world. Kevin knows what he wants to do. He got a vocational training certificate in editing and post production and, once he got his diploma, he joined B.o.x production as a chief editor.

After 6 years of dedicated, loyal service, he decided to fly around the world for a year (yes, that was before Covid of course), from Latin America to Asia, visiting 13 different countries.

After the trip, the lockdown started and telecommuting became mandatory. Kevin wanted to re-establish his social life. And it was at Rebellion as an editor that he found his happiness.

What does he like ?
Travelling, as you may have guessed, but not only that.
He likes movies that he watches on his couch, challenges that he takes great pleasure in taking on, and chocolate, which is very easy to bribe with.

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