Laura D.
Par Laura.

Laura, a dazzling Lyonnaise… Her dream? To have the same white hair as on the advertisements. Her age? Well… 26 years old. She still has a long way but we believe in her. In all seriousness, Laura has a degree in AD and Graphic Design, she worked 1 year in a luxury agency as an AD and did 2 years as a freelancer before becoming a rebel by joining us. She loves books (a fanatic of paper and its smell), moreover she wrote and released her own book in March. She loves photography, the sea, lakes, water in general. We also specify that she has a memory of goldfish and that she is a clumsy woman, very very clumsy (she still succeeds in going on a Road Trip in Europe and forgetting her papers at home) so please excuse her in case of forgetfulness.

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