Léo B.

Originally, Leo is a graphic designer. He likes to work (quickly) on the briefs that are brought to him. He especially likes to understand why he is asked this or that. Why does the brand do this? Why the problem is this one and not that one? Why the target is him and not her? In short, by dint of questioning the briefs, he comes to think that he would rather write them and look for the answers himself. And bam, that makes Chocapic! Well, in his case: “and bam, he becomes a strategic planner! Since then, he’s worked for a lot of very, very sexy brands, but in reality he likes to work on complex brands with real underlying problems, like… (Shhhh, no brand). And we, in these cases, are very happy to have him with us.
Oh, and also, if you think his face looks familiar, you’ve probably seen all of Kevin Costner’s movies. I’ll leave you with this mystery. You can find Kevin’s complete collection on “Le Bon Coin” if you need it.

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