Lucie C.
Par Matt.

Lucie has been a project manager at Rébellion for one year now! We’ll remember this first year for the stories she’s shared with her colleagues. Like looking for bicycles together for two hours during the December strikes, only to end up walking home… as an example…
But it was also a year rich in projects, including Toyota, Captain Morgan, LVMH, Les Echos and L’Oréal! Always in the thick of things, she supports her clients with her 360° viewpoint. Given all this, it’s a good thing she has her tofu, her daily ally.
Lucie’s expression? “Ça roulotte”. Does it come from Meudon, her home town? From Montreal, where she studied political science after her baccalaureate? Or from England, where she spent a year studying communications?
It’s still a mystery.

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