Romane B.
Par Romane.

Romane is a Gemini, and that says a lot. In her world Romane is a super creative, born in a family where no one does anything like everyone else, she has a brain overflowing with ideas. Her daily life is punctuated by the twelve billion things she wants to do in a day, by tight coffees and by dreams that never stop growing. She will tell you that she has her mind in the clouds, but it is often said that one should beware of sleeping water and her fiery character will prove it. Sunny and smiling Romane is a real little tornado at Rebellion. We love her talent and her good mood, with two short films to her credit as a producer, we can say that she knows what she’s talking about. Maybe one day you will meet her again when she will have realized one of her dreams: in her own café in the heart of the French capital or on a fashion show in Milan.

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