Sarah L.

A hybrid creature… No, she’s not half-woman, half-wolf.
Sarah is a creative soul who has chosen to explore the different facets of creativity…

Initially in literature and history of art… then in design and trends.
The zeitgeist at the heart of all her explorations. With her eagle eye, she is always looking for weak signals. innovations or new figures to follow. All kinds of images appear on her radar : magazines, journals, social media, artists exhibitions, to name just a few.

More than images, Sarah is all about colour… the fresh, glowing tones of Los Angeles, where she lived for a while, the warm shades of Montpellier, her childhood city, and luminous colors just like her enthusiastic, open and authentic personality. This palette has led her to work on developing color ranges, notably for Vans and L’Oréal (amazing, isn’t it ?).

Her enthusiastic nature echoes her hyperactivity and passion for sport. being always on the go and on the hunt for the latest energising gym is her way of staying positive at all times ! So if you want tips for the best dyed uppercut, Rébellion’s strategic team is the place to come !

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