We are not seers,

we are detectors
weak signals.

Trends for Change™ by Rebellion
represents a new kind of trend and consultancy office fully integrated into the agency. We hybridise strategic and creative expertise to offer better support for brands.

From monitoring insights and socio-cultural trends, to brand, communication and innovation strategies… A virtuous circle inspiring change.

Cultivating a vision
means informing decisions. 

Trends serve
no purpose*

*Unless used as a springboard for change.

Anticipating means already deciding.
Whether in the midst of change or with no actual desire to reinvent itself, a brand has to adapt its codes, forms of expression and communication tools in order to remain connected to its audiences’ desires and to its time.
From trend analysis to resonance strategy, we are obsessed with bringing about positive change by stimulating boldness and creativity. 

Our expertise

Weak signals,
strong trends.

Research that promotes reasoning as much as intuition, that cultivates human expertise and analysis beyond raw data.

Seeing to
understand better.

A personalised perspective: 
A selection of signs, cultural emphases and aesthetic trends that resonate with your targets and stakes.

From observation
to inspiration.

An analysis focused on individuals and based on social science to gain perspective on market or category approaches.

Opening up
the range of skills.

Our panel of experts take a different angle and provide hybrid expertise to broaden communication and innovation perspectives.

through culture.

Research rooted in the worlds of art, fashion and culture with forward planning applied to the immediate future.

From start
to finish.

Defining the right strategy and bringing it to life by creating the right campaigns and producing them. All expertise is brought into play to make the brand vision shine in the long term.

Expertise carried forward by
Aude Legré

Aude Legré joined the agency as Director of Strategy and Partner after more than 15 years of consultancy for brands, including several years at Peclers (WPP) as Director of Strategy and Forward Planning and at CBA (WPP) as Director of Strategic Planning.

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